Alpha MetalWork Kft.

Alpha MetalWork Kft. is a 100% hungarian company founded in 2016 in Szombathely.
In the beginning we made customized parts for CNC and then we expanded our services on conventional machines to meet the expectations of all our partners.
The most important activities of our current profile are: production and design of individual parts, appliances, tools,units and smaller (max 200kg total weight)locksmith, welding works.
Our main strength is the experience gained in manufacturing, with which we can produce the most efficient manufacture of components with complex shapes or very narrow tolerances up to 24 hours. In addition to satisfy our costumer, our cornerstone is perfect quality and timely work.

Our activities

-CNC Milling, turning
-Plastic, welding, sheet work
-Wage work
-Designing custom tools and appliances
-3D Printing
-Grinding, EDM

– Designing custom tools and devices: Our devices are designed mainly with the involvement of our partners, engineering offices.

– 3D printing: Wanhao Duplicator 6 Layer thickness 0.02mm-0.25mm
Speed 30-150mm / sec
Print size 200mm x 200mm x 180mm

-Grinding, EDM: We can offer “fine” machining on our heat-treated parts: flank, bore, and flat grinding and start-hole drilling, wire and block scrubbing in 0,01mm by our 15-year-old individual contractor with tooling experience only in single or small series.

-CNC Milling, Turning: It is made at our own company, unless the part size can only be machined with partners. We undertak 3D Milling, production of precise, complex prototype parts too with confidence.
Our profile consists mainly of unique and small series work, but we also welcome inquiries for serial work because we can optimize our production process effectively.

-locksmith, welding works: With our qualified welding and locksmith colleagues, we undertake the complete manufacturing of shelves, tables, railings,small steel structures and containers, including surface treatment. With the involvement of our partners, there is also the possibility of pipe bending, sheet bending, laser or plasma cutting. Wage Work: Because there is a huge shortage of skilled professionals in manufacturing, our goal is to use our knowledge to any large company or small company that needs to get quality products on time.

Machine park

Hurco BMC 30 Ultimax 4

Machining Range: 800x420x350mm
accuracy: 0.02mm

E400 eszterga

diameter max 400 length 1500mm
Accuracy: 0.02mm

Wanhao Duplicator 6

3D Printer
positioning accuracy: 12 micron


CO welding machine

Haas Vf2

machining range: 760x420x350mm
accuracy: 0.02mm

Jet BD 7 eszterga

diameter max 180 length 300mm
Accuracy: 0.02mm

Band saw

Rack drill

Machines designed for 2019:

-HAAS ST 15 Power Tool, Y-Axis Thread Feeder CNC Lathes
-HAAS VF 3YT machining range: 1050x660x635mm


Company name

Alpha MetalWork Kft.


9700 Szombathely, Lovas út 23.